Darby Pop COMICS The Dragon Rises Issue # 3 Cover 1

The Dragon Rises Issue # 3 Cover 1

No Memory. No Weaponry. No Surrender.
The Adventure Continues - Issue #3

Bruce Lee never died; he's been held captive for 40+ years in a state of suspended animation. But by whom? And why? Bruce's old pal Joe Toomey helps investigate, but the Bad Guys remain elusive. And the warehouse-cum-prison Bruce and Joe leveled has been "magically" restored. Meanwhile, Bruce's unofficial guardianship of Jax and Wren might help him navigate this "strange new world" of smartphones and streaming, but it brings its own mysteries; the Teens haven't seen their Father in months. Is there a connection? Are Bruce's "visions" simply delusions, premonitions, or a glimpse into his past? And when will Katya step out of the shadows that appear to follow her everywhere? For answers dear Readers... Read On!

Cover Art by Steve Rude

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