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  • Alan Goldhar
    September 2, 2021
    Loved the book and enjoyed Shannon’s writing style. The book provides an understandable pathway for a meaningful life well lived. A beautiful tribute to her father and the whole Lee dynasty. Thank you Shannon!
  • Naomi Killian
    June 2, 2021
    I like the casual way she explains not only her father's philosophy, but how it can be interpreted in her own life. It's not a how-to or instructional work, it's a "oohhhh, I get it" easy to read kind of book that everyone should experience.
  • William J Curtis
    May 22, 2021
    I agree with other reviews. This book is an incredible read. I spend my afternoons sitting on my deck and reading this magnificent book. Yes Mr. Bruce Lee is absolutely Proud and honored that you Shanon have carried on his legacy. I would like to see more of your brother, Brandon. I am now retired, an ex martial artist of Shorinji Kempo and Tae Kwon Do. I grew up watching Mr. Bruce Lee from the Green Hornet to The Game of Death. I bought 2 books and 2 nunchuks. For both my sons. My oldest son lives in LA and is screen writer and is part Taiwanese, My youngest son lives in Denver and is the director of engineering for the Dell Corp. They are getting these books. I have to read one first. lol. So I thank you Shannon, your hard work is paying off.
  • daniel boudreau
    May 19, 2021
    Half-way through the book, I can say that the book is well structured and easy to read. I am confident that the second half of the book will reflect my evaluation of the first half. Shannon Lee brings the reader from one point to another in a very practical and rational approach. I appreciate very much the humility that shows Shannon Lee in using practical examples from her own private life. Congratulations Shannon Lee.
  • Michael Boon
    May 6, 2021
    I'm not very far into the book yet. But so far it is so good I'm so happy I bought it. Shannon your father would be so proud of you. Thank You, Michael Boon
  • Larry Cañenguez
    April 16, 2021
    Amazing book. Thank you, Shannon Lee!
  • Harry Laughy
    March 31, 2021
    "Be Water My Friend" is an extraordinary How To Be You book. I have been reading, journeying and writing for over 50 years. Here, now, I finally find a message that all my questions, and all the answers I have collected are what has kept me going in circles. Thank you, Shannon, for allowing me to stop all my foolish searching and return home to find it was myself, me, that I was looking for all these years. I have traveled in circles, wrote circular thoughts/stories/movies, and suffered many roundabout teachers/gurus in my quest to know what I need not have left home and myself to find,ME. Your father, Bruce Lee, was and remains a positive influence in my life. Beginning in the early 70's and continuing today I studied and practiced JKD, but I missed the importance of the complimentary philosophy, the importance of your father's true gift, that of self realization, self forgiveness, self help. I thought I had read most all of the "important" works after turning the pages of hundreds of books, but your offering of your father's and your insights has been a completely refreshing surprise to me . Imagine, the person with the awareness I sought for five decades turned out to be the person looking back at me in a mirror! I had all but given up on making any sense of existence, or what to do about it, when I found "Be Like Water" and finally was able to realized that no way, is the way. As a writer I was taught to expand and expound, to be wordy and witty, to entertain within an absence of enlightenment. After experiencing your writing, your truly life saving reflections, I can only think of how rightfully proud and respectful your family, here and beyond here, must be of your efforts to shake awake and comfort those whom have been so fortunate as I to have met you through your work. Thank you, for being you, for all of us. In Love, Harry
  • StefanRO
    February 28, 2021
    This book is a true rare gem that you can come across only once in a while. I recommend it to anyone, anywhere no restrictions ! You won't regret absorbing that knowledge !
  • Daniel W Fox
    January 10, 2021
    I have always been a big big fan of the late Bruce Lee. His philosophy on life and the martial arts was amazing. The best martial artist that I have ever heard of. Other good martial artists? Yes, many. But not like Bruce Lee. BE WATER MY FRIEND is very informative and very enlightening. Thank you Shannon for sharing his life through your book.
  • Bruce lee
    December 20, 2020
    The greatest book of all time thank you miss Shannon Lee and thank you master Bruce Lee be water my friend thank you so much
  • Barry D. Gellert
    December 6, 2020
    It's amazing how similar I feel after reading some of the other reviews left by other customers.After being exposed to and learning Karate before I went to Vietnam, I knew I wanted to continue my knowledge of Martial Arts, when and if I made it back home.I was fortunate enough to, make it home, as well as finding the exact same style in the States and studied with my son. Bruce Lee was always a part of what we were doing by virtue of his philosophy towards life,and how he interacted with his fellow humans. My dear Shannon, thank you for writing this book and making your Father's memory even more in the forefront than it already was.The old adage is definitely true, "you can judge the tree, by the fruit it bears".
  • William Joseph Hill
    December 4, 2020
    Being a big fan of Bruce Lee, both his martial arts movies as well as his philosophy and teaching, I was really excited to read this book from his daughter Shannon's perspective. This is more about how to apply Bruce's philosophies to your life rather than a martial arts handbook. So it can apply to anyone, no matter what your involvement and interest in martial arts. It was really great to hear Shannon's words about her father. I have read pretty much every book written about Bruce Lee, and this was a fresh and unique perspective. Even when she was covering stories about her Dad that I was familiar with, she would reveal things that weren't covered in any of the other biographies. I was very touched by how she shared how the loss of her father has affected her life. I learned a few new things about Bruce that I didn't know before. Shannon also takes her father's teachings and gives examples of struggles in her her own life, which is very courageous. I've been a life-long martial artist, and often felt that the lessons I learned in the dojo can apply to my life and professional career. Shannon's writings confirm my theory. Martial artists and non-martial artists alike will find something useful that they can apply in their own lives. I think it's very fitting that this book was published during this current pandemic. As so many of us are struggling with loss and hardship this year, it's good to read something that can elevate your spirits and help you re-focus your energy towards self-actualization.
  • Elia
    December 2, 2020
    I have been a Bruce Lee fan since my toddler years. Aside from martial arts, I have always been in awe of Bruce Lee's wisdom and that is why I bought this book. Thank you Shannon for allowing us to get an inside look at Bruce's philosophy. I will cherish this book forever on my journey that is life. Thank you!
  • Masaki Shimada
    December 1, 2020
    Thank you, Shannon, for writing this book. I have been a fan and follower of your dad since '70th when I started to learn Shorinji Kempo in my hometown in Japan. I was mesmerized by your father's movie,"Enter The Dragon" and went back to see 13 times trying to understand his lightning fast moves (since there were no video, DVD, or internet at that time. Longing for the bigger world, I came to the U.S. to study as a college student in 1977. I struggled a lot with my English and felt inferior to American students. Living in such a different world, I felt more conscious of my own race and heritage. Once Friday night, "Enter The Dragon" was shown on campus. Oh. I felt so energized, inspired, and proud to be an Asian boy. I visited your dad's and Brandon's resting site several times and talking about how your father influenced my life to my two boys. By the way, my younger son's name is Branden, named after your beloved brother, Brandon. Fast forward, I was fortunate enough to be able to meet Sifu Dan Inosanto a few times through my martial arts training workshop in Portland and met your mom, Linda, when I bought an art print of Bruce vs. Kareem. I've read many of your father's books but your interpretation of his philosophy is more current and relatable for much wider audience. I also have an audio version to listen to when I drive or work outside. I hope you consider making multiple language versions including Japanese. Thank you so much.
  • Dragan
    November 18, 2020
    I have over 30 Bruce Lee bboks about JKD arts,philosophy and this one is one of the best ones.True gem.
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