Dragon Deluxe Rotating Push Up Stands

Dragon Deluxe Rotating Push Up Stands


The Rotating Push Up Stands from the Marcy Bruce Lee Dragon Range will sculpt and tone your chest and triceps, the rotating motion reduces emphasis applied to the shoulders throughout conventional push ups therefore increasing emphasis on your chest and triceps for a much more intense workout. Position the push up bars wider to increase focus on your chest and narrower to increase focus on your triceps.

Product Features:

  • Locking mechanism to prevent rotating option
  • 2x Push Up Bars Included
  • Portable and light weight

Bruce Lee believed that many martial artists spent too much time on form and technique, and not enough on physical conditioning. Bruce began to combine three keys of ‘total fitness’ into his exercise routine, muscular, strength, endurance and flexibility.  Bruce was a true pioneer in strength resistance training, understanding that muscle size and strength were not necessarily linked. His resistance training focused not only on muscles, but also the ligaments and tendons which he realized were equally important in his quest for total physical fitness. He created his own fitness machines to assist his training requirements which did not exist at the time, until a change meeting with Doctor Walter Marcyan (the founder of Tunturi Fitness).

**A portion of the proceeds from all merchandise purchased in the Bruce Lee Official Store benefits The Bruce Lee Foundation.

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