Walk On! Liberty Bottle
Walk On! Liberty Bottle Walk On! Liberty Bottle

Walk On! Liberty Bottle


A Bruce Lee Official Store Exclusive! American Made bottles created from super strong recycled 3003 aluminum coils in a zero waste manufacturing facility. The finish is baked on with a BPA free flexible food-grade coating, rest assured that this bottle is as safe as it is beautiful.

  • 24oz.
  • Hand wash only
The years between The Green Hornet and the Hong Kong films were often difficult for Bruce Lee. In Hollywood he wasn’t getting offered the roles he felt he deserved, he struggled to support his family, and he injured his back very seriously and was told that he would never be able to participate in martial arts again. He turned to many self-help books during this time for inspiration. One day he took hold of one of his own business cards and wrote the phrase “Walk On!” on the back. He bought a special stand for this card and kept it on his desk as a constant reminder to always move forward. With this as his mantra, Bruce Lee worked himself into the best shape of his life, wrote volumes of notes on many different subjects and ideas, and further developed his art of Jeet Kune Do. The rest is history. “When life gives you obstacles, you must summon the courage and walk on!"

    **A portion of the proceeds from all merchandise purchased in the Bruce Lee Official Store benefits The Bruce Lee Foundation.

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