Core Symbol Compression Sleeve
Core Symbol Compression Sleeve Core Symbol Compression Sleeve Core Symbol Compression Sleeve

Core Symbol Compression Sleeve

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A Bruce Lee Family Store Exclusive!

Not just for looks; compression sleeves have many health benefits too including improved circulation, sun protection, regulated body temperature, prevents muscles from tightening up, improved performance and reduced soreness.

  • 83% polyester/17% spandex
  • Machine washable on delicate cycle, tumble dry low, do not iron
  • Made in the USA
  • See size chart for measurements

Bruce Lee developed an expression of martial arts that was personal to him called Jeet Kune Do (translated: Way of the Intercepting Fist). The art has as its symbolic representation what we call The Core Symbol and uses as its main tenet: Using no way as way; having no limitation as limitation.

The idea of intercepting is key to JKD, whether it be the interception of your opponent’s technique or his intent. The basic guiding principles are: simplicity, directness and freedom (the form of no form).

The techniques and philosophies of JKD can be applied to real combat as well as challenging life situations.  Jeet Kune Do celebrates the cultivation and honest self expression of the individual over any organized style. 

Research your own experience. Absorb what is useful. Reject what is useless. Add what is essentially your own. “ – Bruce Lee

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