The Way of the Dragon/Game of Death Pack Blu-Ray

The Way of the Dragon/Game of Death Pack Blu-Ray


The Way Of The Dragon : Tang Lung (Lee) flies to Rome to help his friend, Chen Ching-hua (Nora Miao). She is being forced by local gangsters to sell her restaurant, and they will stop at nothing to get the property. When Tang proves to be a threat to the syndicate's plans, they hire the best martial artists, including Colt (Chuck Norris). The two men battle in the ancient city's majestic Colosseum in what is "regarded by many as the finest martial arts combat ever committed to film.

Game Of Death Billy Lo is a young kung fu star with a promising career. As the leader of a syndicate known for its exploitation of entertainers, Dr. Land (Dean Jagger) jumps at the chance to capitalize on Billy's status and that of his singer girlfriend. Refusing to sign with Land, Billy's martial arts mastery is put to the test when he is brutally harassed by Land's men. In a stunning showdown, Billy must go one on one with each of the villains in some of the most explosive fight scenes ever filmed.

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